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Privacy Policy Statement


Any personal information that you provide to us will be used only for the purpose stated at the time we request it. We will not sell, license or trade your personal information to others. We take data protection seriously at Flat50. This policy is written to help you understand what data we collect and store, how long we keep it for and how we use it. We also give you information about your rights with regards to data. If you have a question regarding data or would like to exercise any of your rights with regards to your data then please contact 

Flat50 Management

19 Brockholme Road


L18 4QG

What data we collect:


We collect your contact details if you use the contact form on this web page. This data is used to contact you in response to your query, and may be stored on a secure database of contacts.


We collect data from artists during the application process. This data includes: 

• Artist name, telephone, email address. We collect this data so that we can contact you about work. 

• Artist National Insurance number, unique tax reference, passport details, where applicable visa details and address. We collect this data so that we can confirm an artist has a right to work in the UK as is our legal responsibility. 

• Other data such as measurements, skills, experience & photos of the artist. This information is used during the casting process. 

• Details of artist next of kin. This information is required for when an artist is working on set. 

Once an artist joins our books we also: 

• Collect a scan of the artist’s passport page and if applicable a visa scan. This is to confirm eligibility to work and is a legal requirement. 

• Collect bank details – this is so we can pay the artist for the work they do. 

• Request that artists obtain a basic disclosure certificate. This is optional – but some productions require that artists have one. 

• Request additional photographs of the artist. These are optional and are for the purposes of trying to secure work. 

Once an artist is on our books, they will be able to update their personal data at any time by contacting us. 



Who has access to data 


Flat50 staff have access to data. In addition we pass on some data (such as skills, measurements and experience) to production companies for the purposes of casting. 

When an artist works on a job we provide production companies with their name and mobile number so that they can communicate with the artist on the day. 

Once an artist has worked, Flat50 staff have access to their bank details in order to pay them. 

By law, we are also required to retain and provide some data to HMRC. 


We will never sell or share any details with any third party organisation for marketing purposes.



How long we keep your data 


We will retain artist’s data for 12 months after they provide it when they join our books, and we will ask for their consent to keep this data on file every 12 months. They are able to request removal before this time (see below). We are required to maintain some data if artists have worked for us. 


Your rights 

Accessing your data 


You have the right to request the data we hold on you. To do this 

please write to us at this address: Flat50 Management, 59A East Road, London, E15 3QS.


Changing the data we hold on you 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to change the data that we hold on you You can contact us in the usual way and we will correct any information which was found to be incorrect promptly. 


Removing your data 


You have the right to remove your data. Please send an email requesting this, or write to us at the office address. Once that step has been completed we will remove you from our systems within 28 days. It is worth noting that we are required by law to retain some information. For example, if you have worked for us we are required to keep some information to pass onto HMRC. This information will be kept solely for that purpose. 


To restrict or object to the processing of your data 


Please contact us if you would like to exercise one of these rights with the reasons for the restriction or objection and we will respond within 28 days. 


Exporting your data 

Please contact us if you would like to exercise this right and we will respond within 28 days. 


Withdrawing your consent 

You have the right to withdraw consent to use or store your data at any point. You can do this by emailing us or writing to us. Once that step has been completed we will remove your data from our systems within 28 days. Under these conditions, if you are an artist, we will no longer offer you work. 


If you have a complaint 


If you have a complaint about how we are holding or processing your data please email in the first instance. We will attempt to rectify the situation in a timely manner. 

Or write to us at Flat50 Management, 59A East Road, London, E15 3QS 


This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time as and when necessary to meet legal requirements, so please check back for the latest version. More information about how to make a complaint is provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They also have information about how to raise a complaint with them if you feel that we have not resolved your matter satisfactorily. 

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