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Applying for representation:

To apply to join our books, please email us at and include:

- Your name or stage name;

- Your pronouns (e.g. she/her, he/him, they/their) so we can refer to you correctly;

- Your location, and if you are willing to travel to London for auditions or work;

- Whether you have a UK passport / the right to work in the UK;

- A bit about yourself, e.g. the type of roles you are looking for;

- Your general availability;

- Your Spotlight link, which needs to include professional headshots and a showreel.

We can only consider actors who have a showreel and professional headshots. If you do not have a showreel, please record at least one scene or monologue. It should be in the landscape orientation, not portrait, against a plain background in good lighting / daylight. It should last at least one minute. Please add it to your Spotlight page before emailing us. We will need to use this as your showreel if we represent you, so please use a script which suits you well. This is a good resource to help you:

We receive a lot of submissions, and we look at them all. Apologies that we cannot get back to everyone, however we will contact you if we wish to take your application further. 

Thanks and good luck!


Located in Liverpool and London, UK

+44 7490 630 572

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